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Tips on How to choose Effective Extraora...

Tips on How to choose Effective Extraoral Suction System

A Dentist is always the most prone professional person for aerosols transmitted infections including viruses like Ebola, SARS, COVID, influenza, etc. In spite of taking maximum protection like a face mask, head cap, gloves, and apron, he is still prone to aerosol transmitted viral infections. Aerosols are generated during dental procedures with a high-speed handpiece […]

Best UV lights for disinfecting covid-19...

Best UV lights for disinfecting covid-19 coronavirus virus

During this current global pandemic of COVID-19 outbreak, the world has learned different aspects of sanitization as well as disinfection techniques, washing hands, using liquid chemical sanitizers and social distancing are most common amongst them. But all these techniques are only helpful in stopping the spread by direct transmission, as the virus primarily spreads through […]