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Characteristics of Wall-mounted Dental L...

Characteristics of Wall-mounted Dental Light

Wall-mounted dental light, as the name suggests, is the dental surgical light mounted on the wall. You can choose this wall-mounted dental light when the top of the room does not meet the installation requirements and you do not want to use the landing options. When not in use, the light can be placed against […]

Brushed vs Brushless Motors: Why the Ext...

Brushed vs Brushless Motors: Why the Extra Cost?

As we know, there are two types of Marathon Micro Motor: Brushed vs Brushless Motors. What’s the difference? Let’s have a look. In a conventional electric motor, a rotor (a rotating portion of the machine) is driven in a stator (fixed portion). Both are connected by an electrical connection: a current collector or a commutator […]

Does Dental Scaling Hurt And When Do You...

Does Dental Scaling Hurt And When Do You Need It?

Dental scaling is routinely performed with dental scaler to assist patients with gum disease and excessive plaque buildup. While the standard cleaning will resolve the tooth surface, the scaling is much deeper. If your dentist recommends dental scaling and root planning for your teeth, then understanding what it means is helpful so you can prepare […]

Why Dental Loupes Are Necessary For Dent...

Why Dental Loupes Are Necessary For Dentist?

Dental loupes are the magnifying glasses worn by dentists to expand everything they see in the mouth. There are two basic reasons for wearing these glasses. First, the vision is improved because everything in the field of vision is much larger. Second, wear dental loupes to give the dentist a more “physiological” posture at work, […]

Best Dental Autoclave Sterilizer

Best Dental Autoclave Sterilizer

As a dentist, dental hygienist or support staff at a dental clinic, you know that having a reliable and effective dental autoclave sterilizer is critical to the smooth operation of the clinic. We offer a range of autoclaves/sterilizers for general purpose sterilization applications. Customers can choose a range based on application, quantity and budget requirements. Effectively disinfects […]

What are intraoral cameras used for?

What are intraoral cameras used for?

An intraoral camera (IOC) is a camera used by a dentist or doctor to show the inside of the mouth to a patient as an alternative to using a mirror. They were first introduced in 1989 and are now widely used in dental clinics. In particular, an intraoral camera with screen allows patients to see […]

What Is Dental Scaling?

What Is Dental Scaling?

Dental scaling is a simple procedure for removing tartar deposits by using a dental scaler and other dental instruments. People with normal dental condition will not suffer any pain! However, if you have a hypersensitivity reaction (severe oral sensitivity), this procedure will be painful for you. But do not worry! Just talk to your dentist […]

What’s Difference Between Turbine And Co

What’s Difference Between Turbine And Contra Angle Handpiece

The advantages of the dental turbine handpiece are its simple and robust structure, sturdiness, lower purchase price and lighter weight. However, over the years, the adverse effects of high frequency sound from turbines on operator hearing have become an important issue. In contrast, electric motors are quieter than turbines and cause less hearing damage. When considering the […]

Top 3 Best Quality Dental Surgical Headl...

Top 3 Best Quality Dental Surgical Headlights

Since the 1950s, dental professionals, hygienists and even students have already been using dental headlights in their daily practice avail themselves of the advantages it offers. The dental headlight technology has been greatly improved in terms of design, electronic, and mechanical features over the years. The market is now flooded with numerous LED headlamps created […]

What Is Marathon Micro Motor And Its Fun...

What Is Marathon Micro Motor And Its Functions

Micromotor marathon machine is an instrument made of motor that used like a pencil and used for the rotational force of a rotating motor up to 35k-50krpm. Suitable for cutting, grinding and polishing. Various burrs can be used depending on the material and the way of working. This product is mainly used in dental laboratories […]